Tower Grove Neighborhood

Tower Grove South—A Beautiful & Cozy Neighborhood

Tower Grove South is located in the heart of South St. Louis, Missouri, bordered by Arsenal to the North, Chippewa to the South, South Grand to the East, and South Kingshighway to the West.

Brief Overview of Tower Grove South

Tower Grove South is a beautiful neighborhood located on the southern side of Tower Grove Park in South St. Louis, the best-preserved part of the city. Formerly known as Oak Hill, the majority of the neighborhoods in this region were built following the extension of streetcar lines from downtown St. Louis. It is often regarded as one of the best places to live in St. Louis City County as well as Missouri. 

Tower Grove South comprises two distinct areas—the early 20th Century houses of Tower Grove Heights located on the blocks south of the park and the later additions that were added to the neighborhood southwest of the Heights.

The residential areas in Tower Grove South offer their residents a dense suburban feel. Most of the homes here were built during the 19th century. And soon after the residential neighborhoods were developed, the area also started attracting many businesses. The residents in Tower Grove South are inviting and welcoming. So, if you are moving in, you would have no difficulty fitting in.

While there are several types of places in St. Louis, The Wedge in Tower Grove South is notable in how it is cut off from the rest of the neighborhood. Architecturally, it is all over the place. It is truly a unique area, given the combination of Dutchtown-style rows of one-story blue-collar palaces and old houses dating back to when the area was considered rural.

The residential neighborhood is anchored by the South Grand business district with its vast array of restaurants and an old-school commercial strip along Morganford. Generally, the commercial development in the region is concentrated on Grand Boulevard in the east and Morganford Road in the west of the neighborhood. One can also find patches of commercial and mixed-use buildings on interior intersections.

In simple words, Tower Grove South is one of the most notable and stable neighborhoods in the city east of Kingshighway.

Homes for Sale in Tower Grove South

Education in Tower Grove South

The one and the most notable school in Tower Grove South is Horace Mann Elementary School. Opened in 1901, the school memorialized the prominent revolutionary educator of the 19th century, Horace Mann. Nevertheless, many other private and public schools serve the area, as listed below. 

  • Metro High School
  • Classical Junior Academy
  • Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience Magnet High School
  • Thomas Jefferson School
  • John Burroughs School
  • Saint Louis Priory School

The Climate in Tower Grove South

Tower Grove South is ideal for people who love the sun and hot weather. The area enjoys 202 sunny days per year, which is on par with the national average of 205 sunny days. The high summer temperatures in July reach around 89 degrees in Tower Grove South. 

Nevertheless, the neighborhood receives more rain than the national average of 38 inches per year, 42 inches of rain. On average, Tower Grove South gets 105 days of precipitation annually.

The winter in Tower Grove South isn’t very severe. The low winter temperatures only dip as low as 23 degrees with 16 inches of snow per year, which is lower than the US average of 28 inches.

Make Your Home in Tower Grove South

Tower Grove South is a safe neighborhood to raise your family or even to live alone. The area is quiet, and you might not end up facing many commotions when staying there. Tower Grove South is also quite diverse, meaning you will get to meet and interact with different people. 

When it comes to the attractions, Tower Grove Park itself offers many activities to do. However, the place isn’t as big as Forest Park. The park is charming with a place for ducks and geese, a playground for kids and adults to hang out, and a pool area to enjoy the sun.

Lastly, many small businesses surround the area. So, you can simply walk somewhere nearby to eat out, buy groceries, grab a mug of coffee, get a new book, or buy some new clothes.

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