Kirkwood, MO

Kirkwood—The Gateway City

Ever since the early days, the city of Kirkwood in Missouri was known as the “Gateway City” due to its access to transportation routes in all directions. The area comprises a wide array of residential neighborhoods to the west, and industrial one to the East, whereas the Illinois side mainly holds agricultural counties. In recent years, the downtown area in Kirkwood has been making a comeback with new residential facilities, reclaimed warehouse lofts, and new sports venues.

Brief Overview of Kirkwood

A suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, Kirkwood is named after James P. Kirkwood, builder of the Pacific Railroad. The city has a lot to offer its residents—from walkable downtowns to family-centric culture and close proximity to the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Kirkwood offers a smaller community feel though it is centrally located within the metro area. So, it gives the best of both worlds to its residents—small town and bigger city. Additionally, with its abundance of parks, and plazas, people find it easier to get outdoors and explore. There is always someone outside doing something. Hence, the environment is ideal to meet people and enjoy the sense of being a community. 

The city has a unique identity of its own. People reach the community from all over the metro area for Kirkwood’s shopping, restaurants, and lovely atmosphere. Whether you want to shop local produce at the Farmers Market or grab a Strange Donut, you can do it all in the same block. Colorful public sculptures are everywhere, and so are lovely landscaping and gathering places.

The most desired areas in the city tend to be in the eastern end, whereas affordable homes exist in the southern regions. The best neighborhoods to live in Kirkwood, as judged by the market, are Country Lane, Meadowbrook, and Oak Tree.

Homes for Sale in Kirkwood

Education in Kirkwood

Public education in the city is under the Kirkwood R-7 School District. Alongside Kirkwood, the district also covers some of the neighboring smaller communities like Glendale, Warson Woods, Des Peres, Huntleigh, Frontenac, and Oakland. 

The district comprises five elementary schools—Tillman Elementary, Robinson Elementary, North Glendale Elementary, Keysor Elementary, Westchester Elementary—two middle schools—Nipher Middle School and North Kirkwood Middle School—and one high school, Kirkwood High School.
Furthermore, St. John Vianney High School, a private Catholic school, is also located in Kirkwood.

St. Louis Community College (STLCC) also operates a 78-acre campus in the city. It is the largest community college in Missouri, with more than 12,000 undergraduate and transfer students.

The Climate in Kirkwood

Located along the Mississippi River, Kirkwood is ideal for people who prefer living in the sun. The national average for sunny days is 205, and Kirkwood averages 202 sunny days per year, perfect for indulging in all the outdoor activities. The city also receives rain—43 inches per year, more than the national average of 38 inches. Collectively, the precipitation is measured in Kirkwood for 101 days per year. 

Summer high temperatures in July reach around 89 degrees.

The city does receive some snow. Kirkwood averages 14 inches of snow every year, not as much as the national average of 28 inches per year. Winter low temperatures hover at around 23 degrees.

Public Transportation in Kirkwood

Kirkwood is situated along the Jefferson City Subdivision of the Union Pacific Railroad. Amtrak offers passenger rail service through the city, with Kirkwood Station resting in the heart of downtown. The station is also a stop for Amtrak’s Missouri River Runner. 

When it comes to bus services, MetroBus connects Kirkwood to other suburban communities as well as downtown St. Louis. Additionally, the Interstate Highway 270 that runs along the western edge of Kirkwood and Interstate 44 passing through the community act as major transportation channels connecting Kirkwood to neighboring cities.

Make Your Home in Kirkwood

What makes Kirkwood unique is the sense of community it offers. The historic train station located at the heart of the community is vibrant, and the downtown is filled with charming shops and restaurants. 

Situated close to the St. Louis metropolitan area, Kirkwood has the best of both worlds. It offers easy access to world-class attractions, and the vibrant communities here are perfect for raising a family.

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